4.20 Legs

Standing kicks to the front and side for 1 minute
superset with:
squat hops onto the step for 1 minute
x4 sets

Smith machine sumo squats
x85lbs x 25 reps, x105lbs x 20 reps, x115lbs x 21 reps, x125lbs x 20 reps, x135lbs x18 reps
superset with:
JBL’s x 1 minute x 4 sets


4.19 Chest, triceps & abs

Cable chest flyes x30 lbs (on each side – 60lbs total) x 15 reps (x20 on set 4)
superset with:
Pushups on the bosu ball w/back kicks x 10 reps
superset with:
2 minute kickboxing rounds
x 4 sets

Jackknives on the bench holding 10lb plate x 18 reps
superset with:
upright rows using short bar (65lbs total) x 18 reps
superset with:
Single arm cable triceps extension x30lbs x 16 reps each arm
x 3 sets

4.18 Sunday Bootcamp

We decided to ask our trainer to do an extra bootcamp session for us pre-vacation so Sunday at noon we rocked it once again.  It was my 7th day in a row, 2 more days to go before leaving for Maryland on Wednesday! I’m already exhausted!

4.17 Bootcamp

Another great session!

4.16 Legs

Heavy bags 1-2 double 9’s or double 10’s x 10 reps each leg + 30 seconds 1-2’s
superset with:
Frog crunch x 1 minute
Heel touches x 1 minute
x 3 sets

Sumo walk 3 steps + sumo squat holding 25 lb plates (50lbs total)
superset with:
scissor kicks x 1 minute
x 5 sets

Side plank with kick over/under bar x 60 seconds each leg
superset with:
kneeling kickback/up with knee cross/touch x 60 seconds each leg
x 3 sets

4.15 Back & biceps

Bent over rows w/45lb long bar (oneend on ground) +50lbs x25 reps +60lbs x22 +60×21 +60×21
superset with
lose grip seated pulldowns x90lbs x25reps x100 x24 x100 x25 x100 x20
superset with: bosu taps x1min x4sets

upright cable row w/rope x60lbs x20x20x20x20
superset with
reverse flyes w/band x21x24x24x25
superset with: bunny hops x1min x4sets

Bicep hammer curl drop sets (no rest)
Set 1: 20lbs x 25 reps, 15lbs x 20 reps, 10lbs x 15 reps
Set 2: 25lbs x 20 reps, 20lbs x 15 reps, 15lbs x 12 reps, 10lbs x 10 reps
superset with hanging leg raises x 20 reps x 2 sets

20 minutes elliptical

15 minutes The Hotness

4.14 Chest, triceps & delts

Heavy bag kickboxing: Double 1-2’s + double 9’s or 10’s x 3 sets each leg
superset with
tricep dips on thai pad x 30 seconds x 3 sets

Plyo pushups (onto thai pad) on the bench x15 reps, x16/17/16 reps
superset with
Incline bench overhead tricep extension x 25lb weight plate x 30 reps, x 35lb weight plate x 15/17/18 reps

Incline bench close grip chest press x 35lb weight plate x 25/32 reps, x 40lb weight plate x 20/15 reps
superset with
front/lateral raise combo x 15lb dumbbells x10 reps x 4 sets